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First Steps In A Medical Malpractice Case

The medical malpractice process is quite complex and requires the attentive eye of an attorney who has been through the process before. At Wocl Leydon, our team has extensive experience pursuing actions against medical professionals who act negligently. We know how to help you and your family recover financially after suffering an injury at the hands of a doctor.

To learn more about our strategies and how we can help in your unique situation, consult with our lawyers at 203-333-3339 or schedule a free consultation online. We have a proven reputation for success and know how to get results for our clients.

The Steps To A Medical Malpractice Claim In Connecticut

Our attorneys believe it is critical that our clients fully understand the steps they will be going through in their malpractice claims. We will discuss the process thoroughly with you and ensure that you are up to date on all activity in your case.

  • Investigation: Before a case is even filed with the Connecticut courts, it is essential that an initial investigation of the matter be completed. Our team works with medical experts in the field to determine whether medical negligence was committed by your doctor or any other medical professional. Our lawyers then determine how that negligence caused your injury.
  • Filing the lawsuit: After the initial investigation has established a claim, we move forward with filing the lawsuit. A similar health care opinion letter is required by an expert and a good faith certificate is required by an attorney and attached to the complaint to start the lawsuit.
  • Discovery: During the discovery process, our attorneys will interview witnesses involved in the case. We also will conduct depositions and file written discovery requests to the other parties for the production of information and documents.
  • Negotiations: During discovery, or shortly after, we can enter into negotiations on your behalf. If the other side is unwilling to be reasonable and a settlement cannot be agreed upon, we will take your claims to court.
  • Trial: Once all steps are completed, and if no settlement agreement has been reached, we take your case to trial in front of a judge or jury. This is where witnesses will testify in court, exhibits will be introduced into evidence and each party will present its case before the court.

Our team has a proven reputation in the courtroom as aggressive litigators that can be trusted to fight for our clients' rights.

Learn More About the Medical Malpractice Process

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