Joseph J. Tooher, Jr. graduated from Stamford High School in 1948.  Joe then attended the University of Connecticut.  After graduation he attended the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he was a member and secretary/treasurer of the Board of Student Editors.  Graduating from the school in the summer of 1955, he entered the U. S. Army in September of that year.  While in the Army, he initially served as legal aide to the post commander at Fort Amador, Panama.  Later during his service time, he was an observer of trials of American servicemen in the Panamanian   Court.  His job was to send a written report on the trial to the Department of Defense.

After being discharged from the U. S. Army in June of 1957, Joe commenced work for the law firm of Moore & Epifanio.  Shortly thereafter, he became a prosecutor in the Stamford Municipal Court.  When the Court was replaced with the Circuit Court, he became an assistant prosecutor at the Court.

In 1963, he became a named partner in the law firm of Moore, Epifanio & Tooher.

Joe became active in politics and was a key factor in the election of J. Walter Kennedy as Mayor of the City of Stamford.  Subsequently, Mayor Kennedy became a national basketball commissioner.  In addition, Joe has served the community as Chairman of the Democratic Party.  He was appointed Chief Counsel to the Joint Senate House Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature, where he had a significant part in the drafting of a Model Penal Code and the Connecticut Wire Tapping Law.  He was a founder and first president of the Lower Fairfield County Chapter of the UConn Alumni Association.  He is a member of the Fairfield County Bar Association and the Connecticut Bar Association.

Joe is a member of the Stamford Old Timers’ Association where he served as President and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.  He is a member of the State Street Debating Society and is presently Chairman of their Scholarship Committee.  State Street has honored him as their “Man of the Year”.  In 2014 he was named Grand Marshal of the Stamford Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Joseph J. Tooher, Jr. is presently “Of Counsel” to our team at Wocl Leydon LLC.