2 Connecticut Medical Malpractice Experts Work on Jackson Trial

The ongoing wrongful death lawsuit that the mother of Michael Jackson has filed against AEG, Jackson’ concert promoter, and Jackson’s personal physician, Conrad Murray, will have two Connecticut medical malpractice experts.

One, a Bridgeport-based attorney, is a member of Jackson’s legal team and the other is a Westport doctor who specializes in drug addictions and will testify as an expert witness.

Jackson, as you will recall, was allegedly dependent on high-strength painkillers that were prescribed by Murray, who had been hired by AEG to tend to Jackson. An overdose on these drugs was found to have killed the pop star.

Interestingly enough, although both men are well-regarded in their knowledge of medical malpractice, they had never met and never worked together before this trial, despite both living in Connecticut.

Murray has already been sentenced to four years in county jail after he was found guilty of manslaughter in a criminal trial. This is a civil trial that was filed on behalf of Jackson’s mother and Jackson’s three children. The basis of the lawsuit is that AEG was negligent because it put Murray in a compromising position — if Jackson had not been able to perform, he would have lost his $150,000-a-month job. Jackson’s family claims this put pressure on Murray to cut corners and enable Jackson’s drug dependency so that he could continue to perform.

Given the intense media interest in anything Jackson-related, it is likely we will see more coverage for this trial as time goes on. If anything noteworthy occurs, we will consider writing an update.

Source: The Connecticut Post, “Conn. experts in Michael Jackson death trial,” Frank Juliano, July 2, 2013

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