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January 2014 Archives

Failure to diagnose may have led to fatal heart attack

When a loved one requires medical care, Connecticut residents typically must trust in the expertise of heath care professionals. The majority of people do not possess the expansive medical knowledge that comes with the years of training and study that medical caregivers have. Unfortunately, this does not mean that doctors are infallible. Sometimes medical errors happen and the failure to diagnose a condition can mean the difference between life and death. A woman living out-of-state says that this is precisely what happened to her husband last year.

2 nurses accused of causing baby's brain damage

The birth of a new baby is typically a heartwarming occasion. The planning for the arrival of a child is something that parents do from the moment they discover they are pregnant. Connecticut families must rely on the caregivers present during the delivery processes to ensure that the baby is born healthy. Sadly, this doesn't always happen, and babies can be hurt by the negligence of someone charged to care for them and their mothers. One family experienced this nightmare when their baby daughter suffered brain damage at birth, and they allege that two nurses are to blame.

Birth injury cause of death for newborn

Few things are as exciting for Connecticut parents as the birth of their children. The anticipation of a new baby to love is outweighed by any worry that parents might have. They entrust medical professionals to bring their child into the world safely. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen and sometimes the baby experiences a birth injury. Recently, a couple faced their worst nightmare when their newborn died as a result of injury she sustained during birth and they say that the doctor who delivered her is to blame.

Nursing home abuse suspected in freezing death of woman

Here in Connecticut, when we think of abuse, we typically think of forms that are direct such as physical or emotional. However, neglect is also considered a form of abuse. If someone is reliant on a caregiver for their most basic needs and that caregiver fails to provide for that person, their behavior is seen as abusive. A recent out-of-state case of nursing home abuse highlights this fact, after a woman froze to death while living at a care facility.

Surgical errors cost a woman her legs

When a Connecticut patient needs surgery, he or she must place trust in the physician who performs the procedure. Patients are reassured by the professionalism and training of their surgeon that they will be in good hands. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and surgical errors do occur. For example, a woman living out of state recently lost her legs due to an error that occurred during what should have been a routine procedure.

Young doctor dies after failure to diagnose

Most Connecticut residents do not have extensive medical knowledge to draw from when they are unwell. They must rely on physicians and other health care professionals for guidance in diagnosis and treatments. Even when patients do have the medical know-how to tell them that something is wrong, they still need the expertise of another industry professional for treatment. That expertise is not infallible, unfortunately. An out-of-state woman who had recently become a doctor lost her life due to other doctors' failure to diagnose her condition.

Robotic surgical errors likely underreported

In modern medicine, many doctors are making use of robotic technology for surgery. Robotic surgery can mean shorter recovery time, lowered medical expenses, and even allow doctors to perform operations without being in the same room as the patient. However, as with any technology, it is not without possibility of error. Connecticut residents may have to face the consequences of surgical errors as a result of robotic surgery.

Several nursing homes face fines; one wrongful death claim

There comes a time for many families to determine the course of care for their elderly family members. For many, this means utilizing the services of a nursing home. Those who make this decision do so believing that it will be in the best interest of everyone involved, and that their relative will receive proper care, but sometimes this is not the case. Recently, eight nursing homes in Connecticut faced fines in relation to inadequate care; one case even resulted in the wrongful death of a patient.

Medication error leads to newborn on life support

A mother can usually tell when there is a problem with her child. When a typically mellow infant begins to be cranky, there is often a problem. A mother of a young infant in another state recently noticed her son was not acting like his normal self, so she took him to be evaluated by medical personnel. This is very much like the majority of Connecticut mothers would do. The possibility of a medication error as a result of seeking medical attention would probably be the least of a mother's concerns at the moment.

Robot could avoid a patient receiving the wrong dosage of a drug

Connecticut residents may not know that a hospital in a nearby state has become the second to receive a new tool designed to reduce medication errors. The robot could avoid a patient receiving the wrong dosage of a drug or the wrong medication. This new technology does not even require a pharmacist to be on site since the machine can be operated remotely.

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