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February 2014 Archives

Is your local hospital short on nursing staff?

When most people think of medical malpractice, they probably think of doctor errors. However, nurses also bear the great responsibility of protecting patients from negative medical outcomes. A recent study suggests that nurse understaffing in hospitals is a factor that significantly raises the risk of patient injury.

Hospital errors may lead to incurable disease

Here in Connecticut, the trust that patients place in their caregivers is very delicate. Being able to rely on hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals is important for a patient's safety and peace of mind. However, this trust can be broken and mistakes may happen. Hospital errors can result in financial burden, injury or even fatality. Recently, a hospital in another state was compelled to notify patients that they may have been exposed to a deadly disease due to their apparent negligence.

Misdiagnosis leads to woman's death

Physicians are tasked with caring for their patients to the best of their abilities. When a mistake happens, it can result in harm to the patient that may be irreversible. A misdiagnosis by a medical professional may even prove to be fatal. These mistakes can happen right here in Connecticut, but a recent example occurred to an out-of-state woman who died as a result of a physician's failure to diagnose her condition properly.

Military hospital settles birth injury suit for $9 million

Rather than take this matter to trial, a military hospital instead has settled out a birth injuries lawsuit for $9 million.  It was claimed that the facility did not appropriately respond to symptoms of a uterine rupture when the child was born in 2010.  Delays in performing a cesarean section were also mentioned as a possible cause of injuries to the child.

Hospitals accused of failure to diagnose fatal blood clot

Medical errors can be devastating to Connecticut patients who are unlucky enough to experience them. They may result in serious injury or even death. Recently, two hospitals were accused of a failure to diagnose a woman's condition, and their errors may have allowed her to die. This isn't the first time these hospitals have been accused of negligence, as they were involved in a story that we reported last month.

Medication error costs nursing home resident his life

Many families in Connecticut have to face the difficult decision on how to best care for an elderly or ill family member. Several make the choice to move the person into a nursing home facility. These families trust that in doing so, their beloved family member will receive the best care possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. An out-of-state nursing home was recently accused of a medication error that cost a man his life.

Wrong dosage of a drug could have been dangerous for little boy

Parents trust health care providers to care for their children. The vast majority of caregivers here in Connecticut have each child's best interest at heart and would never do anything to deliberately harm them. However, people are not infallible, and mistakes can happen. One out-of-state mom says that someone gave her child the wrong dosage of a drug he takes, and the consequences could have been disastrous.

Surgical errors can claim lives of healthy patients

Many people here in Connecticut are in need of a potentially life-saving transplant. Usually, a transplant is taken from a deceased donor, but occasionally, living donors are used for certain procedures. These surgeries can be successful in treating the ill person and may have no lasting adverse effects on the donor, but all too often surgical errors can occur, and a donor may lose his or her life. Recently, a case like this happened out of state, and the possible error of doctors has torn two families apart.

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