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April 2014 Archives

Nursing home abuse may have been to blame in man's death

When people think of abuse, typically they think of physical abuse that can leave scars or bruises. They may not immediately think of neglect -- when someone responsible for the care of another fails to provide that care -- but neglect is a type of abuse. Recently, a case out of state at an elder care facility raised questions of nursing home abuse when several employees were caught on camera neglecting to properly care for a patient. Connecticut families who have older loved ones in nursing homes may want to pay special attention to this story.

Misdiagnosis leads to four years of improper treatment

Most people do not have the extensive medical knowledge that doctors, nurses and other medical professionals do. Connecticut citizens typically trust that their physicians will properly asses their symptoms and provide a diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, as in the case of one out-of-state man who was treated for a condition he never had because of a doctor's misdiagnosis.

Medical professionals sometimes distracted with social media

Social media has proven to be extremely beneficial as a part of modern life. It helps people stay in touch and serves as entertainment for many Connecticut residents. However, several companies ban the use of social media sites during work hours as they feel it could decrease productivity. There are certain industries where being distracted by Facebook could actually cost individuals their lives. For instance, critics point to the increasing prevalence of medical professionals using social media when they are supposed to be treating patients.

Study shows high number of patients suffer misdiagnosis each year

People across the country rely on medical professionals to keep them healthy and treat any ailments they have. This requires open communication between everyone involved to ensure that maladies are treated properly. However, instances of misdiagnosis still occur all too often, to citizens here in Connecticut and all over the nation. A recent study uncovered a troubling statistic on just how often a misdiagnosis can occur.

One hospital blamed for three cases of cerebral palsy

The arrival of a new baby is cause for excitement. Connecticut families joyously plan for their new addition to love and raise. They trust healthcare providers to care for the mother and newborn. Unfortunately, things may not go as planned, and babies can suffer serious, life-changing injuries at birth due to the negligence of those entrusted with their care. Three different families are in the process of suing a hospital from another state that they say caused their children to develop cerebral palsy.

Was nursing home abuse to blame in death of Connecticut patient?

Some Connecticut families face the decision of how to best care for aging family members. Many of them may decide that having the elderly person live in a nursing home or assisted living facility is the best choice, but unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Recently, four nursing homes in this state came under fire for various troubling situations, even resulting in the death of one patient and raising the question of possible nursing home abuse.

Medical errors may have caused woman to freeze to death

Citizens here in Connecticut rely on healthcare providers to give them expert medical care. This trust is fragile and is sometimes broken by the negligent actions of those who are charged with the responsibility of caring for their patients. Recently, a woman who was determined to have died was later found to have actually been alive, but then subsequently died in a hospital morgue. Medical errors like this cost a family the life of their loved one.

Wrongful death suit filed in connection to elderly woman's death

Many families right here in Connecticut must make the difficult decision of how to best care for elderly family members. Though many would welcome the older person into their home, it is not always the best solution for everyone involved. Some turn to nursing home facilities to care for aging loved ones. One woman from out of state entrusted a nursing care facility with the responsibility of attending to her mother and she now alleges that the facility caused her mother's wrongful death.

Wrongful death suit brought by family of elderly woman

When families decide that they cannot personally care for elder members, they often turn to the Connecticut medical community for assistance. The trust that is placed in these healthcare professionals is important to the safety and comfort of the older person. There are times when medical personnel may fail to meet adequate care needs, resulting in injury or even death of a loved one. An out-of-state family found themselves in such a situation when they lost one of their elder family members, leading them to pursue a wrongful death suit.

Fatal injuries to baby due to malpractice lead to $1.25M award

The birth of a new baby is typically a joyous occasion for the whole family. The excitement of a newborn to love and raise dominates the time leading up to delivery. Unfortunately, sometimes Connecticut parents must face the nightmare of the death of their baby due to fatal injuries. There are times when this tragedy may be due to the negligence of a healthcare professional who was charged to the care of the child. Recently, a radiologist was found liable in the death of a newborn girl from out of state.

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