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June 2014 Archives

Jury says birth-related complications caused boy's cerebral palsy

The birth of a baby is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, deliveries do not always go as planned, and Connecticut babies can be at risk for many types of birth-related complications. A jury recently awarded an out-of-state woman millions of dollars in damages for her son’s cerebral palsy which she claimed was caused by the doctor and hospital involved in his delivery.

Emergency room errors blamed re man's leg amputation

Healthcare professionals are trusted to make quick decisions about a patient's required care. Connecticut families do not typically have the broad knowledge of someone with proper medical training, and they must rely on those with more expertise and experience. Sadly, emergency room errors can still occur, and they can cost patients their well-being or -- in extreme cases -- their life. One man from out of state says the negligence of the professionals who treated him has negatively changed his life forever.

Wrongful death by truckers may increase after regulation cut

There are numerous instances in which truck drivers have been known to disobey roadway laws. Some examples of these actions include running traffic lights, speeding and driving too many hours in a day. All of these instances can lead to serious injuries, including wrongful death, for other individuals on the roads. This is true whether in Connecticut or elsewhere in the United States.

Will new healthcare laws impact medical malpractice suits?

Medical malpractice suits have long been a part of the American legal system. In fact, medical malpractice is such an established practice that there are entire legal practices and insurance firms dedicated to the area. However, with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) ushering in changes all across the healthcare landscape, it can be beneficial for Connecticut readers to explore how these changes could affect malpractice cases.

Nursing home abuse suspected in death of patient

When the time comes to determine how to best care for an aging family member, their loved ones may decide that a nursing home is the best facility to meet their needs. If proper care is not fulfilled, the risk of injury to -- or even the death of -- the older person rises. Nursing home abuse in the form of neglect happens too often; as one out-of-state family discovered, and they say that caregivers are responsible for their loved one’s death. Connecticut families may want to heed the implications of this case.

Failure to diagnose man's condition results in paralysis

When Connecticut families must rely on medical professionals for their expertise, they are entrusting them with the lives of their loved ones. If a family member is not well for any reason, it is up to doctors and nurses to determine the problem and the best course of treatment. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and that can cost patients their well-being, or sometimes their lives. A couple from out of state says that several healthcare professionals' failure to diagnose the condition of the husband has now left him with a reduced quality of life.

Mistakes by Connecticut medical professionals can be devastating

Being in need of a new organ is a situation that many individuals in Connecticut and across the country unfortunately find themselves in. Under such circumstances, it is of the utmost importance for medical personnel to treat patients and usable organs with significant care and attention. When a party learns that they may be able to receive a new organ, the situation can be a joyous one. However, if medical professionals make a mistake, the events can turn devastating.

Medical malpractice case won by Connecticut woman

A woman was recently awarded a $12 million jury verdict in a case against a hospital that she says turned a relatively innocuous surgery into a lifelong health condition. The Connecticut woman sued both the doctor and the hospital for medical malpractice after a hernia surgery ended with her struggling to deal with a perforated colon for the rest of her life. The award was handed out on May 30, after only three and a half hours of deliberation.

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