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What Is a Placental Abruption?

The placenta is an organ that grows during pregnancy that provides your baby with oxygen and nutrients. When it becomes attached from the uterus very serious issues occur, which can harm both mother and child if left unchecked. As illustrated by the Mayo Clinic, recognizing the common signs and risk factors that cause this condition is crucial to ensure treatment is sought immediately should it occur.

What Causes Placental Abruptions?

While it can be hard to pin down the exact cause, there are quite a few risk factors associated with this condition. Falling accidents or vehicle crashes can cause abdominal injury, which sometimes results in an abruption. Certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure, are also linked to the condition. Because risk increases after a previous abruption, it's important for women to monitor their health during subsequent pregnancies. 

What Are Some Symptoms?

Placental abruptions typically happen towards the end of a pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is perhaps the greatest indicator, especially when it occurs within the last few weeks of a pregnancy. A woman might also experience pain in the back or abdomen, as well as persistent uterine contractions. Because these symptoms can also signal other health issues, it's important to receive prompt medical attention. 

What Treatments Are Available?

How far along you are usually determines what sort of treatment you receive. If you have yet to reach 34 weeks and the condition is not considered severe, you may be recommended for bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy. If it's beyond 34 weeks and the risk of bleeding is significant, your doctor might perform a caesarean section to control bleeding while delivering the baby. In some cases a vaginal birth is possible, provided that the risk of bleeding isn't considered severe (which may require an emergency hysterectomy). 

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