3 Places Within a Hospital You Will Most Likely See Mistakes

Whether you’re at a small-town clinic or a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, there are certain standards that all facilities must meet. That’s because not only do patients expect to receive the best care possible but state and federal laws demand this high standard of care as well. And if these standards are not met, mistakes can occur, which is not something any of our readers ever want to experience in their lifetime.

But did you know that there are some places within a hospital where you are more likely to experience an error than other places? In today’s post we’d like to highlight three places where a medical mistake — that could lead to civil litigation — may occur.

The first place is in an examination room. Whether you’re in the emergency room or main part of the hospital, a doctor can easily fail to diagnose a condition or misdiagnose one altogether, leaving the victim with less time or unable to seek treatment if the condition is caught later on down the road.

Another place where mistakes are likely is in the operating room. Wrong-site surgeries, anesthesia errors, and left-behind medical equipment are common mistakes that can not only result in lasting injuries but may even result in death. Despite improvements in healthcare standards, these mistakes are still happening across the nation.

The final place we will talk about where mistakes can occur is in a recovery room. Even if a hospital correctly diagnoses a condition, errors can still occur during treatment and recovery. Failing to monitor a patient’s vitals, miscommunications between nurses and doctors, medication errors, and understaffing are all common things that can turn into big problems for patients.

When these mistakes are made, we often lose trust in not just the medical institution where it occurred but in other facilities as well. For victims, this mistrust is even greater. Afterwards, a victim may need compensation to cover the damages the error caused, which is why seeking legal counsel after a medical mistake is a good idea.

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