4 Forms of Medical Malpractice That Can Lead to Birth Injuries

Giving birth for a lot of women is an exciting time. But that joy can be easily shattered when the child is born with a serious injury. For many mothers, they begin questioning when the injury occurred and may even wonder if it was caused by the hospital staff involved in the delivery process.

Concerns like this are prominent across the nation, including here in Connecticut, because of the stories we hear every year about such traumatic, life-changing injuries. While some birth injuries may be a direct result of genetics or natural complications, some occur because of medical malpractice.

Some forms of medical malpractice may include:

  • Failure to diagnose. Failing to diagnose a serious condition such as fetal distress, preeclampsia, eclampsia and/or placental abruption could lead to considerable complications during the delivery process that could lead to serious injuries for mother and child. In some cases, a failure to diagnose may even lead to death.
  • Misdiagnosis. Giving the wrong diagnosis can be just as damaging as failing to diagnose. A misdiagnosis can lead to the administering of the wrong treatment and even the wrong medication. This could lead to unnecessary procedures and further complications.
  • Negligence of medical professionals. If a doctor or nurse is careless or improperly trained, they may cause a mother and/or child to suffer a birth injury. Negligence such as failing to monitor vital signs, using too much force during delivery, or not following medical best practices can all lead to serious or even fatal injuries.
  • Surgical complications. A C-Section can be a risky procedure, even for the most skilled of physicians. But this procedure can become more dangerous when a physician is careless or negligent. A child could suffer asphyxiation or another birth injury. The mother could suffer an internal hemorrhage or another fatal injury.

If you suspect that you, or your child, were victims of medical malpractice during the course of pregnancy, then you may not know about your right to seek compensation. To see if you are owed restitution for your injuries, you may speak with a skilled personal injury attorney who can explain the law and how to get the compensation you deserve.

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