5 Best Apps for Keeping Kids Occupied in the Car This Holiday Season

In the coming months, many families in Connecticut will be traveling to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Longer car rides with young children can often prove challenging. Fortunately, there are many smartphone and tablet apps and games that can keep them entertained during longer trips.

These apps can be found Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Some have initial fees or in-app purchases, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before downloading.

Five top travel apps for kids of different ages include:

  • 1-3 Years of Age: Sago Mini FriendsFatherly.com recommends an app created by SagoToys Inc., a Toronto-based company that creates toys and mobile apps for children. The Sago Mini Friends app lets children select a colorful animal and then play in a neighborhood setting. The child can choose different doorbells to ring and share pizza with other characters. The app promotes “empathy, sharing, and creativity through pretend play” with activities such as snack time and cleaning up. The app can be played without wi-fi or an internet connection, and there are no in-app purchases or third-party advertising.
  • 4 Years of Age: Travel Bingo —Google Play offers Car Bingo for Android devices, and iPhone users can download Travel Bingo Ultimate Adventure in Apple’s App Store. This “I spy” game includes a bingo card with 25 different items players can try to spot while traveling. A $2.99 expansion pack has different cards for different drives, while the free version is a “small town” edition of the game.
  • 5-7 Years of Age: KeezyKeezy is an app that lets children create their own songs using either pre-loaded soundboards or sounds they record themselves. It’s fun, interactive, and encourages creativity, but is definitely not for parents who are looking for quiet entertainment for their kids!
  • 6+ Years of Age: The Oregon Trail American Settler — Many adults will remember the Oregon Trail game from childhood. This modern version (available in the Apple Store and on Google Play) puts a new spin on the original. This new edition of the classic game lets players build their own town and encounter various challenges while trying to keep the townspeople happy and healthy. This app offers in-app purchases.
  • 7+ Years of Age: SprayscapeSprayscape is a camera-based app that lets children create virtual reality-type 360-degree photos using a smartphone’s camera and built-in gyroscope. It is currently only available for Android, but an iPhone version will reportedly be released in the future.

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