Adoption of Safety Measures Shown to Reduce Childbirth Injuries

In Connecticut and throughout the U.S., fatalities and injuries suffered by mothers and newborns during childbirth are regarded as some of the most serious issues hospitals must improve upon. These injuries not only result in personal strife but also financial complications for both hospitals and individuals. Fortunately, a large number of hospitals are greatly reducing rates of injuries and fatalities by adopting basic safety programs.

In the past 15 years, various safety programs have shown to improve rates of successful deliveries. These programs include carrying out exercises in communication between health practitioners, reevaluating when cesarean section deliveries should be carried out, simulating emergency deliveries, and adopting systems that measure how well hospitals are complying with established safety prevention measures.

Ascension Health, an institution of 43 hospitals across the U.S., decreased its neonatal fatality rate by 50 percent through the use of new safety initiatives. According to some estimates, if all hospitals were able to follow this example and achieve the same fatality rate, the lives of 8,000 babies would be saved every year.

A wide range of practices result in increased birth injury rates, but cesarean section deliveries are one of the main sources of complications. According to officials from health institutions that have made use of the aforementioned safety programs, $441 million a year would be saved in California alone if the rate of cesarean deliveries were reduced to the amount recommended by the World Health Organization.

If a mother or her child has suffered an injury as the result of an unnecessary cesarean section or another kind of birth-related operation, they may be able to obtain reimbursement for damages resulting from the incident. By working with a lawyer, individuals may be able to receive compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other costs.

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