After Birth Injuries, Victims Lead Lives of Hardship

As medical malpractice attorneys, we work with clients from across Connecticut who have been victims of medical malpractice, surgical error, hospital negligence and other healthcare industry misconduct.

We consider this line of work to be important because we know that the clients we work with have had their lives forever changed, and not for the better. Many people face lives of hardship after they are hurt by instances of medical malpractice.

Last week, for example, it was learned that a New Jersey man who had severe physical impairments due to cerebral palsy had fallen into his family’s swimming pool and drowned.

(Cerebral palsy, of course, is a developmental disorder that is caused by a baby being deprived of oxygen. One common cause is doctor negligence during the birthing process.)

The man’s family said he had been in the pool to strengthen a weekend leg. They said he was alone for just a moment or two when the terrible incident happened.

Now, even people without cerebral palsy drown, of course. But one does have to wonder, if this man did not have such severe physical disabilities because of his cerebral palsy, would this tragic accident ever have occurred in the first place?

As we said, we feel honored and privileged to assist people who have been hurt as a result of medical community misconduct. In the blink of an eye, a person can be devastated by a doctor’s error, and we take great pride in helping these people rebuild their lives as much as is possible.

Source: Connecticut Post, “NJ man with cerebral palsy drowns in family’s pool,” July 18, 2013

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