Birth Injury Cause of Death for Newborn

Few things are as exciting for Connecticut parents as the birth of their children. The anticipation of a new baby to love is outweighed by any worry that parents might have. They entrust medical professionals to bring their child into the world safely. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen and sometimes the baby experiences a birth injury. Recently, a couple faced their worst nightmare when their newborn died as a result of injury she sustained during birth and they say that the doctor who delivered her is to blame.

The couple was expecting their baby on Christmas Day. Because of the large size of the baby and the petite size of the mother, they asked their obstetrician to perform a C-section — but he did not fulfill that request. The mother passed her due date and when it was finally time to deliver, complications arose almost immediately. The baby’s heart rate rose rapidly and the labor was particularly long. The obstetrician attempted to use forceps to deliver the baby but he reportedly crushed her skull.

The mother was rushed to emergency surgery and the baby was taken to another hospital after her birth. The baby was placed on life support but the decision was eventually made to take her off of it. She died shortly after, surrounded by the family she didn’t have a chance to know. The couple has made it known that they do not place any blame on the hospital for their daughter’s death. They are filing a civil suit against the doctor who attempted to deliver her in the hopes that no other parents will have to endure their pain.

No parent should have to face the loss of a child. In this case, they never even had the time to raise and love her. If their civil suit is successful, any financial compensation could be used for unpaid medical bills, funeral costs and any other expenses they may have incurred due to this tragedy. Even though this case happened in another state, it is possible that a birth injury like this could happen here in Connecticut. Hopefully, families will not have to go through what this family did, but there are possible steps available when the unthinkable happens.

Source: ABC News, Funeral Held for Baby Allegedly Killed in Forceps Delivery, Susan Donaldson James, Jan. 5, 2014

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