Birth-related Complications Lead to $55M Jury Verdict

Every prospective parent in Connecticut anticipates the birth of their child with a mixture of excitement and fear. Birth-related complications are possible under the best of circumstances. When things do go wrong, it is hoped that medical personnel are able to handle the situation in a way that leaves both the mother and child healthy and uninjured.

For one family, the indications that a C-section was necessary were reportedly ignored. Instead, when the baby was in distress, the doctor opted to proceed with a vaginal birth despite the fact that the baby was too large for the small woman. When the baby lodged in the birth canal and continued to suffocate, the doctor used vacuum extraction.

The mother required emergency surgery for hemorrhaging. The baby was left with permanent disabilities, including cerebral palsy, and will have special needs for the rest of his life. The family filed suit in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, where the birth took place, and a jury ultimately awarded the family $55 million. However, the parties made a deal prior to the jury verdict for an undisclosed, lesser amount even though the hospital and physician maintain the level of care given to the mother and child was appropriate.

The award received in this case could help pay for the ongoing care the couple’s child needs. When it comes to childbirth, any birth-related complications can cause permanent injury and even death to the child and/or the mother. Connecticut parents who experience this type of heartache may file a medical malpractice claim seeking monetary damages that could help with the financial issues that accompany such tragedies.

Source:, Lehigh County jury awards family $55M in medical malpractice case, Kevin Amerman, Dec. 23, 2013

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