Center Accused of Negligence in Connection to Dialysis Treatment

It is very important for doctors and clinics to provide patients with quality care when administering medical treatments. This includes making sure to properly examine patients prior to administering treatments. It also includes adequately monitoring patients during treatments. Recently, a Virginia clinic has been accused of committing medical negligence in connection to treatment it provided to a patient.

The case involves a now-deceased woman from Middletown, Virginia who suffered from renal failure and other medical problems. The woman allegedly went to a dialysis center in Winchester, Virginia to receive medical care in connection to these problems. This care included dialysis.

A representative of the woman’s estate claims that the center was negligent in connection to the care it provided to the woman. Specifically, the representative claims that the center failed to adequately evaluate and monitor the woman in connection to the dialysis treatment it provided.

On February 25, 2009 the woman reportedly went into cardiac arrest while being given treatment from the center. The woman was taken to a hospital and died on March 6, 2009.

The estate representative has now brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the center, claiming that its negligence led to the woman’s death.

The allegations in this case demonstrate how important it is for clinics and medical professionals to properly evaluate and monitor their patients when they provide these patients with medical treatments. When negligence arises in connection to a medical treatment, it can have serious negative impacts on a patient. It can even result in a patient’s death, as is alleged in this case.

Source: The Northern Virginia Daily, “Lawsuit claims doctor to blame for 2009 death,” Alex Bridges, 12 March 2011

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