Connecticut and Doctors Disciplined in Other States: Part 1

The doctors who treat us have a major impact on our well-being. Consequently, misconduct by doctors can have major repercussions on patients. Thus, we expect the state to take all possible precautions to make sure the doctors who practice in Connecticut will offer patients nothing but quality care.

A recent story from the New Haven Independent indicates that the Connecticut Medical Examining Board may be failing to meet this expectation. The story described how many physicians who have been disciplined for misconduct in neighboring states have been allowed to continue practicing medicine in Connecticut without restrictions. The types of misconduct these physicians were disciplined for include fraud, poor patient care and surgical errors.

The story claimed that these incidences point to a larger trend in Connecticut. Compared to boards in neighboring states, the Connecticut Medical Examining Board has been much less likely to take disciplinary action against physicians who have been sanctioned in other states for misconduct.

This leniency is cause for some concern. It could have a major impact on the patient care people in Connecticut receive. Not taking disciplinary actions against doctors who commit misconduct in other states could cause more of these doctors to practice in the state. This could leave patients more vulnerable to medical malpractice and other doctor misconduct. So, there clearly could be some serious negative implications to this policy.

Next post, we will discuss some of the possible reasons for this leniency. We will also address some of the proposed solutions to this potential problem.

Source: New Haven Independent, “Disciplined Docs Practice Freely In State,” Lisa Chedekel, 6 Dec 2010

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