Connecticut Board Revokes Doctor’s License in Prescription Case

One action that a medical board sometimes takes when it finds that a doctor has committed a wrongdoing is revoking the person’s license to practice medicine. Such a revocation recently occurred in Connecticut.

The case involves a Connecticut doctor. He was accused of several wrongdoings involving drugs. First, it was alleged that the man failed to keep proper records when giving prescription medications to several patients. Also, he was accused of personally abusing both prescription and illegal drugs.

The doctor’s case was then heard by the Connecticut Medical Examining Board. The doctor reportedly admitted to the prescription drug abuse and the failure to keep proper records. However, he denied the illegal drug abuse. The board eventually ruled against the doctor in regards to these accusations and revoked his medical license.

It is easy to see how the behaviors that this doctor was accused of could impact patient care. First, failure to properly keep records of prescriptions could have a very grave impact on patients. Without clear records saying what medications were prescribed to them, a patient could be more vulnerable to medication errors.

The abuse of prescription and illegal drugs by doctors could also have an extremely negative impact on patients. If a doctor abused drugs while treating patients, this could leave patients more vulnerable to malpractice or other doctor-inflicted harm.

The behaviors that this doctor had his license revoked for have large potential negative impacts for patients. Consequently, one hopes that the Connecticut Medical Examining Board will continue to take actions to try to ensure that these types of transgressions do not occur.

Source: The New Britain Herald, “Plainville doctor has license revoked over drugs,” Diane Church, 31 Dec 2010

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