Connecticut Parents Learn From Misdiagnosis Causing Boy’s Death

Parents in Connecticut trust medical professionals to give their children the best treatment possible. When a doctor, hospital or anyone charged with the medical care of a young person makes a mistake, it not only affects the patient but also anyone who loves and cares for him or her. Recently, a family from out of state had to deal with the pain of losing their child and they say that the misdiagnosis of his condition by a physician is to blame.

The problem happened when a little boy playing on the playground at his school accidentally ran into a pole. He was taken to a local hospital where he underwent a few tests. The attending physician there determined he was suffering from constipation and discharged him. Only a few hours later, his parents called for an ambulance because the boy was weak and was struggling to stay conscious. The little boy died before arriving at the hospital.

Officials say the boy’s cause of death was internal bleeding and a severe lesion on his kidney. His parents blame the doctor who originally made the misdiagnosis and are now suing her and the medical center where she works. Those who represent the family say that certain treatments were not properly used on the boy and that the wrong tests based on his symptoms were ordered. At this time, the suit is still pending.

Those who suffer the loss of a child cannot begin to explain to others the pain and trauma that goes along with such a tragedy. The death of a young person who hadn’t even had the chance to start his or her life is an unfair consequence of the negligence of someone trusted to care for the child. Here in Connecticut, others who finds themselves the victims of misdiagnosis may decide to file a civil claim as this family is doing. It may give them the chance to heal and try to ensure that no one else suffers their pain.

Source:, Lawsuit: Children’s Medical Center misdiagnosis led to boy’s death, Janet St. James, Feb. 24, 2014

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