Connecticut Patients: Beware of Medication Error

Every day, thousands of patients visit their neighborhood pharmacy for the medications that their doctors have decided are the best treatments for a particular illness or injury. The majority of the time, the trusted professionals at these establishments are able to efficiently dispense these important medications without complications. However, there are times when mistakes are made. A medication error can lead to major health consequences and any patient — whether here in Connecticut or elsewhere — could become a victim.

One apparent mistake recently befell a young woman. The patient had visited her doctor for an eye-related complaint. Her physician diagnosed the woman with an infection and, consequently, wrote a prescription for treating her ocular illness. The patient then went to her preferred pharmacy to have the prescription filled.

However, when the woman was told what the cost for her medication would be, she requested that her physician be consulted for a less costly option. She was told that one had been found and that her doctor had approved and given consent for the more economical, alternative medication. Unfortunately for the victim, the substituted medicine was for treatment of ear-related infections and nor for ocular illnesses.

The patient followed the directions printed on the dispensing label. However, after using the medications for a full day, the infection in her eye deteriorated. The patient later sought treatment at a local emergency department, where the staff told her she had suffered from burns to her eye due to the caustic and wrongly dispensed medication.

This patient has since turned to a local media company in her town to expose the consequences she endured as a direct result of a medication error. Her story can serve to highlight the potential harm that may result from these dangerous mistakes. Any patient in Connecticut who believes that they may have been a victim of mistakes made in the dispensing or dosage of medications meant for good do have recourse to pursue a personal injury suit against the pharmacy or physician deemed responsible for the pain and suffering they may have experienced as a result of such an error.

Source:, Woman turns to I-Team 8 after apparent pharmacy mistake, Karen Hensel, March 21, 2014

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