Connecticut Residents May Want to Follow Failure to Diagnose Suit

Individuals visit medical centers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are ill, they have been in an accident or they are in pain. Regardless of the reason for the visit, the expectation is the same. Patients expect that the doctors and nurses who see them will accurately determine what is wrong and treat them accordingly. Connecticut residents may want to follow a case in which an Illinois woman visited her local medical center and has now filed suit for failure to diagnose.

According to reports, the victim visited her local medical center last summer, complaining of muscle pain. However, the doctors there failed to accurately determine the cause of her suffering, and she has now been left with constant nerve pain. The condition she suffers from causes a problem with the delivery of oxygen and blood to her nerves and muscles. As a result, she now suffers from nerve injury.

The victim states that, because of the medical center’s failure to diagnose, she is now in constant pain. This has caused her to be unable to enjoy her life in the way she previously could. Additionally, she has incurred mounting medical expenses and loss of job-related income.

Connecticut residents, like this Illinois woman, who are suffering due to failure to diagnose, may want to consider their legal options. While financial reimbursement will not relieve the pain or change the medical outcome, it can assist with medical expenses. Unfortunately, when a diagnosis error has occurred, the victim often suffers due to a change in his or her lifestyle and the lack of what he or she was once able to do and enjoy.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, Woman claims doctors failed to diagnose painful muscle condition, Kelly Holleran, Dec. 17, 2013

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