Dangerous Holiday Decorations

Decorations are a huge part of the holiday season.  However, every year there are thousands of injuries, fires and even deaths reported due to faulty or misused holiday decorations.  As you begin to finalize your decorating this year, the Wocl Leydon Family would like for you to keep these dangerous decorations in mind.

According to the National Fire Protection Association the top days for candle fires are Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Christmas Eve. Be safe – never put one on a Christmas tree, and keep them on a stable, heat-resistant surface where kids can’t reach them/knock them over.

Keep decorations that have small parts out of children’s reach.

Every year, about 210 Christmas tree-related fires occur and one in 31 of those is deadly.  Most are caused by electrical problems or putting a tree too close to a heat source. Keep the tree watered.

Test your stand to make sure it’s sturdy & keep it away from doorways.

Place fragile ornaments toward the top of the tree.

Decorations/battery-powered candles containing lithium “button batteries” can be dangerous if the batteries are swallowed. The electric current reacts with saliva causing serious damage to a child’s esophagus in as little as two hours.

Poinsettias aren’t toxic. About 3% of children who eat them will develop any symptoms (same for pets).

Holly can be dangerous. Just five berries could lead to vomiting.

Only use electric lights that have the UL listing mark.

Keep batteries safely stored in their packaging.

Don’t leave space heaters unattended when in use.

Don’t run cords under carpets, rugs, furniture or out of windows.

Don’t overload outlets.

Turn off decorations when you’re sleeping or leaving your home.

Happy Holidays from the entire Wocl Leydon Family!


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