Decision Reached in Birth Injury Case

It is important for individuals to comply with appropriate standards of care when they are providing care in connection to the delivery of a child. If a person fails to do this, it can result in the child in question suffering birth injuries. These types of injuries can have many long-term effects on a child.

Recently, a Maine jury reached its decision in a case involving birth injuries and medical malpractice. The case involves a girl who was delivered at a Maine hospital several years ago. Reportedly, a midwife assisted in this delivery.

The girl has reportedly experienced many medical problems and impairments since she was born. The girl allegedly was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Kabuki Syndrome.

The girl’s father brought a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of the girl in Maine against the above-mentioned midwife. The father alleged that the midwife failed to comply with the applicable standard of care when she helped with the girl’s delivery. It was further alleged that this failure caused the girl to suffer injuries. In support of this allegation, the girl’s attorney argued that not all of the medical symptoms the girl has experienced could be explained away by the above-mentioned genetic disorder.

Recently, a jury made its decision in this case. The jury ruled against the midwife in relation to the above allegations and awarded the girl a large monetary judgment.

This case underscores how it can be very harmful to children when individuals fail to provide proper care when they are assisting with a delivery. Thus, one hopes that all individuals who provide care in connection to a delivery make sure not to act negligently when giving this care.

Source: The Sun Journal, “Disabled girl awarded $3M in medical malpractice case,” Christopher Williams, 1 Jul 2011

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