Decision Reached in Wrongful Death Case

Patients can suffer great harm when medical professionals and/or medical facilities act negligently while providing them with care. Sadly, medical negligence can sometimes even have fatal results. Thus, it is very important for medical professionals and medical facilities to act properly when it comes to the care of patients.

Recently, a jury reached its decision in a wrongful death case that involved allegations of negligent medical care. The case involved a man who underwent a hernia repair surgery in July 2008. The surgery was performed at a surgical center in Florida.

The man’s wife alleged that negligence occurred in connection to the care the man received during and after this surgical procedure. For example, according to the man’s wife, the man’s bowel was accidently perforated during the procedure and a nurse at the surgical center failed to provide the man with proper care after the surgery.

Less than a full day after the surgery, the man died. The man’s wife claimed that the man’s death was the result of the alleged negligence.

The man’s wife brought a wrongful death lawsuit in a court in Florida in connection to these allegations. The jury in this case recently reached its decision. The jury found that negligence did occur in connection to the man’s care and awarded the man’s wife a large monetary judgment.

As the allegations that were made in this recently decided case underscore, medical negligence can sometimes lead to a patient’s death. Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals and medical facilities make sure to not commit negligence when providing care to patients.

Source: Outpatient Surgery Magazine, “Widow Receives $500,000 Award in Fatal Bowel Perforation Case,” Mark McGraw, June 20, 2012

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