Doctor Accused of Failing to Properly Treat Stroke Victim

When a person suffers from a serious condition like a stroke, prompt and correct medical treatment can be extremely important. When a doctor fails to properly provide this treatment, it can have grave results. Recently, a wrongful death case involving alleged negligent medical treatment of a stroke victim has arisen in Texas.

The case involves a deceased 20-year-old woman from Texarkana, Texas. Reportedly, the woman received medical care from a doctor at a Texarkana hospital.

According to the woman’s family, the doctor was negligent in the care that he gave to the woman. Specifically, the family claims that the doctor failed to promptly recognize that the woman was suffering from the symptoms of a stroke. Also, they claim that the doctor failed properly treat these symptoms. Finally, they claimed that the doctor failed to consult a specialist in a timely matter regarding the woman’s condition. The woman reportedly died soon after going to the hospital in question.

The hospital and the doctor are now being sued by the woman’s family for wrongful death. The family claims that the defendants’ medical negligence contributed to the woman’s eventual death.

This case demonstrates how important quality medical care is when a person suffers from a serious ailment like a stroke. If a doctor is negligent in providing this care, it could have severe and possibly fatal effects. If a person believes that they or a loved one has received negligent medical care in connection to a stroke, they should consider contacting an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Wrongful death suit says docs failed to notice stroke symptoms,” Michelle Massey, 26 Jan 2011

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