Emergency Room Errors Blamed Re Man’s Leg Amputation

Healthcare professionals are trusted to make quick decisions about a patient’s required care. Connecticut families do not typically have the broad knowledge of someone with proper medical training, and they must rely on those with more expertise and experience. Sadly, emergency room errors can still occur, and they can cost patients their well-being or — in extreme cases — their life. One man from out of state says the negligence of the professionals who treated him has negatively changed his life forever.

The man was injured at his job when some machinery was engaged and caught his leg, causing dislocation of his knee. When he was taken to the hospital, the physician’s assistant on duty diagnosed him with a less-serious knee sprain. He was discharged, only to return several days later with unabated symptoms. By then, he required amputation of his leg over the knee.

The man elected to bring a civil suit against the attending physician and physician’s assistant. ?He argued that he had symptoms consistent with dislocation, but the proper tests to diagnose that condition were not administered. Had they been, he alleged, he would not have needed to have his leg amputated. A jury agreed with him and awarded him damages in excess of $5 million.

Though this case did not happen here in Connecticut, anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation may decide to make the same choice this man did and file a civil claim. If a claim like this is successful, any monetary compensation could be used to cover any unpaid medical expenses, lost wages or other costs that might arise and other financial losses. Emergency room errors can gravely harm patients at a time when they need the help of trusted professionals the most. Hopefully, the man in this story will be able to move forward positively following his successful litigation.

Source: busbyway.com, “$5.2 Million Verdict in Baltimore City Emergency Room Error Medical Malpractice Case”, June 10, 2014

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