Endometriosis Sufferers May Go Undiagnosed

Connecticut women who have endometriosis may suffer without receiving proper aid thanks to the diagnostic difficulties associated with this poorly understood disease. Although some scientists believe it’s a genetic disorder that results in abnormal hormone balances and menstrual cycle irregularities, others think it might have to do with immune system malfunctions or environmental exposure. In addition to not understanding its cause, doctors are stymied by the fact that sufferers may experience a diverse range of complex symptoms that can also occur with other ailments.

Due to the confusion surrounding endometriosis, many patients who seek assistance end up being told that they’re fine when they really aren’t. The National Endometriosis Society found that 32 percent of patients had to consult with a specialist before being properly referred to gynecologists. Those who had to see two specialists before being pointed in the right direction accounted for 25 percent of all patients.

Although endometriosis can be diagnosed via surgical intervention, non-invasive methods aren’t accurate enough to obtain a positive confirmation. Endometriosis occurs when a woman’s endometrium, or internal uterine lining, begins growing outside of her uterus. Patients may experience chronic pain, fertility issues, abnormal bleeding, fatigue or even digestive disturbances. One doctor says that endometriosis symptoms might even contribute to the amount of pain that women experience during childbirth.

Patients who receive a misdiagnosis from their doctor may suffer unnecessarily. These victims might have to pay for additional medical intervention when their diseases continue to worsen in the absence of treatment, and some end up paying for expensive treatments that they shouldn’t have to. Although pursuing a lawsuit may seem like a viable option, meeting with an attorney first could help victims determine whether they actually have strong enough cases.

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