Failure to Diagnose Causes Connecticut Parents to Lose Custody

Children are what most people would call precious gifts. A child’s health and well-being are usually very important to the parents, so when that health is in jeopardy, most parents would do anything and everything in their power to help them. Sadly, however, a Connecticut family has recently been having trouble with the hospital where their daughter is being treated, and a failure to diagnose her condition may lead to consequences the hospital was not prepared for.

The teenage girl had been a patient at the hospital for several months before the hospital allegedly took custody of her, stating that her parents were medically abusing the child. They were treating her at home for a disease that the hospital claimed she didn’t have. They allegedly insisted that the symptoms the young girl were experiencing were all in her head — a condition called a somatoform disorder.

Her parents were seeing her physically deteriorate and thought that the somatoform disorder diagnosis was incorrect, so they continually pressed for a test that would prove the hospital wrong. They finally got the hospital to test for mitochondrial disease. The testing apparently showed that the parents were correct, but the hospital allegedly withheld the findings of this test for three months.

When the child’s physical state got worse, the parents were apparently told to start making final arrangements, so they prepared for hospice. This is when the hospital reported the parents as having their own condition — become too involved in their child’s medical care based on their own medical background. For parents to be told that they are too involved in their child’s care can be a traumatic enough experience, but these parents are now only allowed to see their daughter once per week during a visitation at the hospital.

The situation is sad, but it is not the only one of its kind at this hospital. Another family is reportedly going through a situation that is similar to this one. Seeking assistance regarding how to handle medical malpractice may give the Connecticut family the best information on where to take this failure to diagnose case and how to regain custody of their daughter while she fights this disease.

Source:, One of the Best Hospitals in the Country Is Accused of Doing One of the Worst Things Imaginable to Families…Again, Liz Klimas, Dec. 16, 2013

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