Failure to Diagnose Man’s Condition Results in Paralysis

When Connecticut families must rely on medical professionals for their expertise, they are entrusting them with the lives of their loved ones. If a family member is not well for any reason, it is up to doctors and nurses to determine the problem and the best course of treatment. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and that can cost patients their well-being, or sometimes their lives. A couple from out of state says that several healthcare professionals’ failure to diagnose the condition of the husband has now left him with a reduced quality of life.

The man in this story suffered injuries to his head and neck while operating a riding lawn mower. He was transported to a local hospital, but those who treated him decided the injuries were not severe. The man says that he still suffered pain and reduced mobility after the examination and saw another physician. She agreed with the original diagnosis that his injuries were not significant, but ordered that more testing be done. Those tests revealed that the man had a serious injury to his spinal cord caused by the original accident.

The couple says that the entire ordeal has left the husband without the use of any of his limbs and fully paralyzed. They have decided to file a medical malpractice claim against all of the medical professionals who reportedly failed to make the correct diagnosis, two hospitals where he was treated and other defendants. They are hopeful that this will result in monetary compensation that will help with his continued medical needs.

Other families here in Connecticut who find themselves in a similar situation may decide to follow this couple’s example. A successfully litigated civil claim could mean that families could secure the finances necessary to cover medical expenses and other costs that might be incurred after a healthcare worker’s errors. A failure to diagnose should never happen, but if it does, there are ways for families to see that their loved ones are cared for.

Source:, “Couple claim missed diagnosis led to man’s paralysis“, Matt Russel, June 4, 2014

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