Failure to Diagnose May Have Led to Fatal Heart Attack

When a loved one requires medical care, Connecticut residents typically must trust in the expertise of heath care professionals. The majority of people do not possess the expansive medical knowledge that comes with the years of training and study that medical caregivers have. Unfortunately, this does not mean that doctors are infallible. Sometimes medical errors happen and the failure to diagnose a condition can mean the difference between life and death. A woman living out-of-state says that this is precisely what happened to her husband last year.

The woman has brought a civil claim against her late husband’s doctor. According to her, her husband was suffering from a dangerous blood clot and a severe amount of plaque in his arteries. Neither of these conditions were discovered by his physicians and the man ultimately had a heart attack and passed away. The wife alleges that neither the proper tests were ordered, nor was an adequate physical exam administered that may have saved her husband’s life.

She has named her late husband’s physician and his physician’s group in her suit. She is pursing legal action in her own interest and that of her husband’s estate. The suit alleges that her husband’s death directly resulted from the negligence of those who were caring for him.

No one should have to endure the loss of a loved one due to the mistake of a once-trusted healthcare professional. If a resident here in Connecticut finds him or herself in a similar situation to this woman, he or she may best be served by filing a civil claim against those responsible. A successful claim may result in monetary restitution that can be used for unpaid medical costs, funeral expenses and other bills that may have accumulated due to the passing of the family member. A failure to diagnose can be fatal mistake — but there are ways to seek justice.

Source:, Woman files suit against physician, Sanford J. Schmidt, Jan. 23, 2014

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