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What are heuristics?

You go to your doctor's office in Stamford understanding that despite the advances seen in medical technology in recent years, his or her ability to accurately diagnose you is still somewhat limited by his or her available resources. Still, you expect that the accuracy of the equipment that is available to him or her (coupled with his or her knowledge and experience) will help him or her to, if nothing else, at least come close to identifying your condition or ailment. What you may not know is that much of the decision making that goes into your diagnosis may be based off something else entirely: heuristics. 

Studies identify common diagnostic errors and ways to avoid them

A patient in Connecticut cannot get treatment for a condition that has not been diagnosed by a health care provider, but identifying the medical condition may be more difficult than people think. According to AMN Healthcare, research indicates that about 5 percent of the time, doctors miss the correct diagnosis, even though the evidence is available to them.

The seven most commonly misdiagnosed conditions

The average American will suffer at least one serious health condition in his or her lifetime. Unfortunately, some of these people will have their conditions misdiagnosed. Connecticut residents should know about the seven health conditions that doctors most frequently misdiagnose; that way, they can watch out for symptoms that may seem minor in isolation and ask accordingly for second opinions.

Panel revises diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis

It may take some time for Connecticut patients to get a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and an erroneous diagnosis is not uncommon. One of the difficulties is that no single test can identify the disease. Instead, clinicians generally must rule out other causes of the presented symptoms and then use a number of processes including lab tests, medical history, a clinical examination, and an MRI of the brain.

A second HIV test could reduce HIV misdiagnosis

Connecticut parents may be interested to learn that a study found that testing infants who had a positive HIV test a second time could reduce misdiagnosis of HIV. Infants in vulnerable populations, such as South Africa, undergo nucleic acid amplification tests to look for an early HIV diagnosis. However, these tests are not 100 percent accurate, potentially resulting in misdiagnoses that can cause unnecessary stress and healthcare costs for parents. Although the World Health Organization recommends that infants undergo a second test, many are not given that second test.

Symptoms for pneumonia and lung cancer

Connecticut residents who are suffering from pneumonia or lung cancer may exhibit a range of symptoms. Both medical conditions originate in the lungs and share many of the same symptoms, which can make the conditions difficult for physicians to properly diagnose. However, the lung cancer symptoms are typically more severe.

Misdiagnosed skin conditions

People in Connecticut who visit a dermatologist's office because of certain skin conditions are likely to have those skin ailments misdiagnosed. One reason for this is that many skin conditions have symptoms that are similar to those of other diseases. Patients may also go to dermatologist's office after having received previous diagnoses from another facility and may waste valuable time in unnecessary or inaccurate treatments.

Diagnosing nasopharyngeal cancer

One type of cancer that physicians in Connecticut may fail to properly diagnose is nasopharyngeal cancer. There are multiple avenues of diagnosis a physician can pursue, and the tests that they use for a particular patient will depend on the age and medical condition of the patient as well as the type of symptoms and signs the patient may be exhibiting. The type of cancer in question and the results of previous medical tests are also factors that physicians must consider when selecting a diagnostic test for nasopharyngeal cancer.

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