Family to Bring Lawsuit Against Hospital for Medication Error

When a person who is admitted to a hospital is prescribed a medication, it is very important that the medication is properly administered. If a doctor or nurse makes an error in a medication’s administration, it can result in a patient suffering a harmful overdose. Reportedly, a wrongful death lawsuit is being filed in Massachusetts today regarding a medication error.

The case involves a 76-year-old woman who sustained a broken arm last year. While the woman was rehabilitating from this injury, she reportedly developed a urinary tract infection.

The woman allegedly went to a Massachusetts hospital to receive treatment for this infection. At the hospital, the woman’s doctors reportedly ordered that the woman be given a blood thinner. Allegedly, a nurse then made a miscalculation when administering this medication which resulted in the woman receiving a dose that was around 30 times greater than the one prescribed. The woman reportedly hemorrhaged for several hours and then died.

The woman’s family reportedly plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit today against the hospital, five doctors and two nurses in connection to the medication error. The family claims that the medication error caused the woman’s death.

The allegations in this case demonstrate how patients can be greatly harmed when a doctor or nurse makes a mistake when administering a medication. Thus, it is very important for hospitals to take steps to try to prevent these types of errors. If hospitals fail to do this, they could be putting their patients at risk.

Source: The Boston Globe, “MGH faces suit over drug error that killed woman,” Milton J. Valencia, 10 March 2011

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