Fatal Injuries to Baby Due to Malpractice Lead to $1.25M Award

The birth of a new baby is typically a joyous occasion for the whole family. The excitement of a newborn to love and raise dominates the time leading up to delivery. Unfortunately, sometimes Connecticut parents must face the nightmare of the death of their baby due to fatal injuries. There are times when this tragedy may be due to the negligence of a healthcare professional who was charged to the care of the child. Recently, a radiologist was found liable in the death of a newborn girl from out of state.

The baby girl was born several weeks premature but her physicians state that she was healthy despite that fact. She did have to have a catheter inserted to give her adequate nutrition. Once the catheter was put in, X-rays were performed to check that it was in the right place. It is alleged that though the X-rays showed that the catheter had been inserted into the baby’s heart, the radiologist did not notify anyone of the problem. A build-up of fluid around her heart caused her to go into cardiac arrest and the baby died when she was only three days old.

Her grieving parents filed a civil suit against the radiologist’s estate — he passed away before the suit was brought — and the radiology company responsible for the X-rays. A jury sided with them and awarded a large sum to the little girl’s family. It was determined that the radiologist’s negligence was a factor in the death of the baby.

If families here in Connecticut find themselves in a similar situation to this family, the best choice might be to consider civil litigation. If such a suit were successful, any financial gain could be used to cover any unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and other costs that may have resulted from the fatal injuries. Hopefully the family in this story can now have a sense of closure and try to go on with their lives.

Source: mlive.com, “Grand Rapids couple awarded $1.25 million in malpractice suit after infant daughter’s death“, Heidi Fenton, March 27, 2014

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