Happy Father’s Day from Wocl Leydon!

Today as you take a moment to reflect on how much your own father, grandfather or great-grandfather has impacted your life, you might want to take just a few extra moments to think about all of the other father’s around the world and what they have done to help make this great nation a better place to grow up and to raise your family.  Many of them have invented things that have made it so that we could live simpler lives.  Others have developed vaccines or cures for diseases that have debilitated generations of Americans.  And others still have exhibited extreme acts bravery as they continue to protect us from acts of terrorism both here and abroad.

So today, the entire Wocl Leydon family would like to wish every “father” more than just a Happy Father’s Day.  We’d like to say “Thank You” for all that you bring to our lives every day and for all that you have taught us about perseverance, doing what’s right, standing up for what you believe in and following our dreams.

You were the ones who checked under the beds and in the closets for the monsters, you were the ones that picked us up when we skinned our knees when we fell after first trying to ride a bike without training wheels, you’re the one who lifted us up on your shoulders so that we could see and you were the one who walked us down the aisle.  You were then and you will always be our hero, our buddy and our “first love”.

We hope you enjoy your day doing exactly what you want to do!  Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers from the entire Wocl Leydon Family!

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