Happy Hanukkah From Wocl Leydon

As we begin the time of year when we all celebrate the traditions of our various faiths, your family at
Wocl Leydon would like to take time today to wish our clients and colleagues who celebrate Hanukkah,
Chag Urim Sameach! This year as you and your family celebrate the festival of lights we hope your life is
blessed with gifts of love, peace, and happiness.

If your world has been filled with heartache or sorrow, we hope that we have been able to offer you
comfort. If you have been overwhelmed by tragic circumstances, we hope that we have been able to
offer you someone to lean on and trust to count on. If you have been afraid to stand on your own, we
hope that we have offered you someone with the experience, strength and will to protect you.
As you celebrate this time of joy and peace, know that your family at Wocl Leydon celebrates with you.
We are sending you warm wishes that your home will be filled with happiness, your hearts filled with
love and your smiles filled with joy this Hanukkah season.

As always we are grateful that you have allowed us to serve you this year. It is our privilege and honor
that you and your family selected us to help you during your most troubled time. Please know that we
don’t take this lightly and that if there is ever anything we can do to help, we are always here.
From our family to yours, wishing you a warm and wonderful Hanukkah filled with love and joy!
-The Wocl Leydon Family

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