Honoring Our Veterans

Today the Wocl Leydon Family encourages you to take a moment out of your busy, fast paced and hectic lives to remember the lives of those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us in order that we could live in a country filled with opportunity and hope.  We want to thank the men and women who serve throughout all branches of our armed services as they too fight for us and protect us from the dangers that exist in our world and allow us to live lives filled with peace and freedom.

As we all see the media coverage about the overwhelming and senseless tragedies that have occurred across this nation over the past decade, it is very important to remember that these are acts of cowardliness and not of strength.  They are acts of fear and not power. We are stronger than these acts in great part because of the men and women that we honor today. These acts do not represent the freedom and the unity our service men and women have fought so hard to protect.  

And today, as soldiers continue to stand together fighting for our safety and security, these tragedies represent the ultimate betrayal of all that they have vowed to protect.  These men and women have in the past and will continue in the future to represent our strength as a nation and our relentless perseverance and determination to preserve a nation that is just and good for all of the generations to come.

Our family at Wocl Leydon would like to thank all of the men and women who have honored and still honor our nation through their service in our armed services.  We are so grateful for your sacrifice. It is because of each of you that we are proud to say that we are Americans.


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