Hospital Found Liable in Birth Injury Case

When a patient goes to a hospital to give birth to a child, it is important that the patient and her child are provided with nothing but quality care from the hospital and its staff.

This is particularly important if complications arise during the birth. If a hospital’s staff negligently fails to promptly detect or properly respond to a complication that arises during a birth, it can result in the child in question suffering birth injuries. These injuries can have major long-term impacts on a child.

Recently, a medical malpractice case involving birth injuries reached its conclusion. The case involved a woman who gave birth to a girl and a boy in 2006 at a hospital in Pennsylvania. The girl was reportedly born healthy. However, the boy reportedly was not as lucky. Complications allegedly arose during his breach birth and he was born with cerebral palsy. Reportedly, the boy is greatly disabled because of this condition.

The woman claimed that the hospital and its nursing staff acted negligently in connection to the birth of the boy. Allegedly, the nursing staff failed to properly monitor the child’s vital signs during the birth. The woman claimed that this negligence contributed to the boy developing cerebral palsy.

The woman sued the hospital in connection to these allegations. A Pennsylvania jury heard this case and reached its decision last week. The jury ruled against the hospital and awarded the woman a large judgment.

This case demonstrates how important it is for hospitals and medical professionals to not commit negligence in connection to a child birth. No newly-born child should have to face a life-altering condition because of a negligent medical mistake.

Source: Centre Daily Times, “Mom wins up to $21.6M in botched birth from Hamot,” Joe Mandak, 21 Apr 2011

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