Hospital Sued in Connection to Man’s Death

When a person is a patient at a hospital, they expect that the hospital and its staff will provide them with proper care. When hospitals and their staff fail to do this and provide a patient with negligent care, it can result in a patient suffering great harm. Tragically, such medical negligence can sometimes even have fatal results. Thus, it is extremely important for hospitals to provide their patients with proper care.

Recently, a wrongful death case has arisen in West Virginia involving allegations of negligence. The case involves a man who, in September of 2010, reportedly received care from a West Virginia hospital after having been in an ATV accident. Reportedly, the man died from sepsis on September 6, 2010.

The man’s sister alleges that the above-mentioned hospital failed to provide the man with proper care and failed to properly treat the man. The man’s sister further claims that this alleged negligence by the hospital contributed to the man’s death.

A lawsuit has been brought in West Virginia by the man’s sister against the hospital in connection to these allegations. In her lawsuit, the man’s sister is asking for compensatory damages.

No patient should have to lose their life because a hospital and/or medical professional acted negligently. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals and hospitals are held accountable when they fail to provide a patient with proper care and such negligence results in a patient dying. One also hopes that hospitals and medical professionals do everything they reasonably can to ensure that their patients are not exposed to negligence like that alleged in the above-mentioned case.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Mason Co. woman sues Cabell Huntington, MU Board for brother’s death,” Kyla Asbury, Oct. 4, 2011

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