Hospital Sued in Connection to Woman’s Death

Hospital patients can experience great harm if they do not receive proper treatment for conditions they suffer from. Thus, it is very important for hospitals and their staff to not act negligently when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients. Such negligence can have dire repercussions. It can even result in a patient’s death.

Recently, a wrongful death case has arisen involving hospital negligence. The case involves a 53-year-old woman who received care from a West Virginia hospital. The woman reportedly died from complications related to diabetes two days after she was discharged from the hospital.

The woman’s daughter claims that the hospital was negligent in its care of the woman and that this negligence led to the woman’s death. According to the daughter, the hospital’s staff was negligent in its diagnosis and treatment of the woman. The daughter also argues that the woman should not have been discharged.

The daughter has now brought a wrongful death lawsuit in West Virginia against the hospital in connection to these allegations.

This case underscores how important it is for hospitals and medical professionals to properly diagnose and treat their patients. If hospitals or their staff engage in negligent conduct which prevents patients from receiving proper treatment, the consequences for patients and their families can be devastating. Thus, one hopes that hospitals will take all reasonable steps to ensure that patients receive nothing but proper and quality care. One also hopes that hospitals are held accountable when they commit negligence that results in a patient’s death.

Source: The Charleston Gazette, “Putnam woman alleges negligence in mother’s death,” 16 May 2011

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