Hospital Uses Awards Program to Try to Catch Potential Problems

Unsafe conditions and errors at hospitals can cause patients to suffer a great deal of harm. Thus, one hopes that hospitals are doing everything they reasonably can to make sure that their patients aren’t exposed to unsafe conditions and errors.

Recently, Anesthesiology News reported on a program that has been implemented at one hospital that is aimed at combating unsafe conditions and errors. The initiative is referred to as the “Good Catch Award program” and it is being used in parts of The Johns Hopkins Hospital (a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland).

The program involves giving out awards to clinicians who report situations at the hospital which could cause patients harm. The winners of these awards are then noted on wall boards that are in parts of the hospital.

According to Anesthesiology News, since the program was instituted, several reports of situations have been submitted which have led “potentially lifesaving” changes being made.

Thus, this program appears to be trying to use positive incentives to help catch potential problems before they result in a patient getting hurt. It will be interesting to see how effective this program ultimately turns out to be. Also, if this program is ultimately determined to be effective, it will be interesting to see whether other hospitals in the country will implement similar programs.

As we mentioned above, unsafe conditions and errors at hospitals can cause great harm to patients. Thus, one hopes that hospitals will look closely at how to best keep patients protected from such conditions and errors.

Source: Anesthesiology News, “Program Encourages Reporting Accidents Waiting To Happen,” Alison McCook, Sept. 2011