Husband Files Wrongful Death Suit After Wife Dies Post-surgery

When people need surgery, they put their trust in the medical professionals in the operating room to make them well again. There are a number of people involved in the entire procedure, and while that fact often serves to maximize a patient’s treatment, it can also cause confusion. Connecticut families may be interested in the case of one out-of-state woman who died a few years ago after — as her husband alleges — a surgery resulted in complications that were not quickly resolved. The husband is now pursuing a wrongful death suit.

The woman’s husband says that the problem first happened when she had surgery on her abdominal area about five years ago. The surgery took a long time, and personnel had to be changed during the procedure. At one point, the staff apparently informed the presiding doctor that one of their medical sponges was missing, so he ordered an X-ray. Without seeing the X-ray, the doctor reportedly removed a sponge and finished the surgery. The woman’s husband says that the team left another sponge inside the woman and that it eventually caused her death.

The doctor apparently attempted to remove the sponge during two more surgeries but did not succeed. He is accused of injuring the woman’s spleen during one of the operations. A different doctor finally removed the sponge after seven months, but the woman passed away anyway. The woman’s husband has now filed suit against the first doctor and multiple medical personnel involved in the entire ordeal.

If this man’s wrongful death suit is successful, he could receive an amount of damages that corresponds to the financial losses sustained as decided by the court. Anyone here in Connecticut who feels they are in a similar situation could initiate a medical malpractice claim if they have been harmed by the negligent mistake of a trusted medical professional. The surviving family of a deceased victim has the right to pursue a claim for wrongful death. No amount of money will bring this woman back to her family, but it can serve to offset any medical expense they may have to pay.

Source:, “Sponge left in woman’s body leads to medical malpractice suit“, Mark Gokavi, July 14, 2014

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