Importance of Early Diagnosis of Foot Bone Tumors

While cancerous bone tumors of the feet are rare, it is important for them to be correctly diagnosed and treated quickly as these types of cancer are very aggressive. When a cancerous bone tumor is initially misdiagnosed, it may result in metastatic cancer.

There are several types of noncancerous bone tumors in the feet. These tumors may affect people of all ages and may appear as small bumps under the skin. They are generally painless, but people should have any suspicious-looking bumps on their feet examined by their doctors. Cancerous bone tumors of the feet may have similar symptoms as some noncancerous bone tumors, stress fractures or infections. This makes a good differential diagnosis very important.

When malignant bone tumors of the foot are caught early, they may be removed in time to prevent the cancer from spreading. If they have already metastasized, people may have poorer prognoses and have to undergo multiple treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy. When the failure to diagnose a malignant bone tumor of the foot was caused by a doctor’s medical error, the victim may want to consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A cancer misdiagnosis can result in serious consequences for the patients. When cancer is not caught early, it may rapidly spread. People whose cancer has metastasized may have to undergo treatments that they might not have needed if they were properly diagnosed. Some of them may end up dying because of the delayed diagnoses. Victims who believe that their doctors failed to diagnose cancer might benefit by consulting with experienced medical malpractice lawyers who can see if there are legal grounds to support a lawsuit.

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