Importance of Post-surgical Communications

On average, about 85,000 civil suits for medical malpractice are filed around the country every year. This represents only a tiny fraction of the approximately 1 million medical injuries that occur on an annual basis. Health care facilities in Connecticut and around the nation are cognizant of this, and there are attempts that are being made to reduce these numbers.

One of the major tools that hospitals and medical centers are using to bring down the incidence of errors in their practice, and therefore the medical negligence suits that they must face, is to give patients simple questionnaires after their procedures have been completed. Although this may seem like a minor step, it provides an important way for those who have recently undergone surgery to keep close contact with the hospital system and to give them information about how their recovery is going.

This may detect problems and errors before they reach the point of crisis. It may also be useful in the future, as this may enter information into the system about allergic reactions to medications, unforeseen difficulties with healing and other issues that may not have been obvious in the hospital. Maintaining connections with the patients may lead to a direct increase in patient satisfaction. Moreover, parsing the data from the questionnaires of multiple clients may help the hospital to identify patterns of substandard care and areas where their system could use some work.

Patients who have been harmed by a surgical error or other form of medical negligence may want to speak with an attorney to determine how to proceed. Through a review of the patient’s medical records and other evidence, legal counsel may be able to determine that malpractice occurred, leading to a lawsuit seeking damages from the responsible parties.

Source: HealthCare Global, “How to prevent a potential medical malpractice case“, Kate Supino, Aug. 6, 2015

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