Jury Finds Former Doctor Guilty in Medical Malpractice Case

It can be a very serious matter when a doctor engages in improper conduct which results in a patient undergoing an unnecessary surgery. Patients put a great deal of trust in their doctors and they can suffer great harm when doctors engage in poor judgment or wrongful conduct when it comes to recommending a surgical procedure. No patient should have to unnecessarily be exposed to the risks of a surgery because a doctor failed to act properly. Thus, one hopes doctors are held accountable when they engage in such misconduct.

Recently, a verdict was reached in a case that involved allegations of surgery-related negligence. The case was from Indiana. The case involved a former doctor who has gotten a fair amount of attention in the press. Reportedly, in 2004, the doctor left the country in an attempt to run away from claims of a variety of types of wrongful conduct. The doctor was later brought back into the country and he currently is serving a prison sentence in connection to criminal charges he was convicted of.

Reportedly, around 350 medical malpractice lawsuits have been brought against the doctor in connection to alleged misconduct. As we mentioned above, one of these civil cases recently reached its end.

The case involved a man who received care from the doctor. Reportedly, during the course of this care, the doctor performed a surgical procedure on the man. The man claimed that the doctor was negligent in performing this procedure on him. According to the man, the procedure was unnecessary. The man further claimed that the procedure caused his condition to worsen.

A trial was held on this matter and, last Thursday, the jury reached its decision. The jury found the doctor guilty of malpractice and issued a monetary judgment against him.

Source: nwitimes.com, “‘Nose Doc’ patient wins $450,000 in civil lawsuit,” Bill Dolan, March 15, 2013

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