Jury Finds That Doctor’s Negligence Caused Woman’s Death

Sometimes, individuals will experience complications in connection to a surgical procedure. Thus, it is extremely important for medical professionals to provide patients with proper care during and after such procedures. If doctors act negligently when providing such care, it can result in surgical complications going undetected and untreated. This can have terrible consequences for patients.

Recently, a North Carolina jury reached its decision in a wrongful death case involving a surgery. The case involves a woman who underwent a hysterectomy at a hospital in North Carolina. The woman allegedly sustained a perforated bowel as a result of this surgery.

The doctor who performed this procedure was accused of acting negligently after the surgery. Allegedly, the doctor failed to provide the woman with proper post-surgical care and failed to notice signs that indicated that the woman was suffering from a bowel perforation.

The perforation allegedly went untreated for nearly 80 hours before it was eventually discovered. The woman reportedly developed a variety of medical problems from the perforation and eventually died.

A wrongful death lawsuit was brought in North Carolina on behalf of the woman’s estate against the doctor in connection to these allegations. Last week, a jury reached a verdict in this case. It decided that the doctor was negligent and that this negligence caused the woman’s death. It also awarded the woman’s estate a large judgment.

As this case demonstrates, patients can develop serious injuries and conditions if they don’t receive proper care in connection to a surgery. Consequently, one hopes that medical professionals do everything they can to ensure that they don’t subject their patients to negligent conduct like that found in this case.

Source: WSOC-TV, “$7 Million Awarded In Wrongful Death Case,” 30 May 2011

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