Jury Reaches Decision in Wrongful Death Case Involving ER Care

It is very important for doctors who work in emergency rooms to act in a timely and proper manner when treating patients. It is also incredibly important for hospitals to have the proper policies, procedures, equipment and staffing in place to ensure that their emergency room patients receive proper care. There are a wide variety of very serious conditions patients can come into emergency rooms with. When negligence occurs in connection to the emergency room care a patient here in Connecticut receives, the patient can get greatly injured and even die.

Thus, emergency room negligence can have significant effects on patients and their families. Pursuing a medical malpractice/wrongful death claim is one of the legal options an emergency room negligence victim or their family may have available to try to hold negligent medical professionals and hospitals financially responsible for such impacts.

Recently, a verdict was reached in a wrongful death case involving allegations of emergency room negligence. The case was from another state.

The case involved the emergency room care a woman received in July 2006 at a hospital in Illinois while she was experiencing an asthma attack. According to the woman’s family, during the care, negligence occurred which resulted in the woman’s airways not being opened up. The woman’s family claimed that this led to the woman becoming brain-dead. A few days after the alleged negligent care, the woman was removed from life support.

The woman’s family sued the hospital and two doctors in relation to the alleged negligent emergency room care. The jury in this case ultimately ruled against the hospital and one of the two doctors and awarded the woman’s family a monetary judgment.

Source: CBS Chicago, “$4.7M Judgment Against St James Hospital, ER Doctor,” Nov. 27, 2013

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