Jury Reaches Verdict in Missed Diagnosis Case

When a person receives care from medical professionals in connection to a health problem he or she is suffering from, it is very important for this problem to be correctly diagnosed. If medical professionals fail to correctly diagnose a patient’s condition because of negligence, the consequences can be devastating. A negligent missed diagnosis can result in a patient’s medical condition going on untreated. This can cause a patient to suffer great harm. Sadly, it can even result in a patient’s death.

Recently, a case involving a missed diagnosis reached its conclusion. The case involved a 35-year-old man who was taken to the emergency room of a hospital in Illinois in May of 2001 in connection to pain he had experienced while at work.

The man’s family claimed that, while the man was at the hospital, emergency room workers failed to ask him key questions and failed to diagnose the condition he was suffering from, an aortic dissection.

Allegedly, the man was released from the emergency room about three and a half hours after arriving. Reportedly, he died about a week later from the aortic dissection.

The man’s family brought a wrongful death lawsuit in Illinois against an emergency care company and a doctor in connection to the above allegations. A jury heard this case and recently reached a verdict. The jury found in favor of the family and awarded them a large judgment.

This case underscores how a patient can suffer great harm when medical professionals fail to correctly diagnose him or her. Thus, one hopes that medical professionals make sure to exercise appropriate care and avoid engaging in negligent conduct when diagnosing patients.

Source: nwitimes.com, “Jury awards $3.7 million to Sauk Village man’s family,” 24 May 2011

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