Jury Says Birth-related Complications Caused Boy’s Cerebral Palsy

The birth of a baby is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, deliveries do not always go as planned, and Connecticut babies can be at risk for many types of birth-related complications. A jury recently awarded an out-of-state woman millions of dollars in damages for her son’s cerebral palsy which she claimed was caused by the doctor and hospital involved in his delivery.

This was the woman’s second child, her first being born after an emergency Caesarian section. During the course of her second pregnancy, she went into labor several times and had to be admitted to the hospital. She and her doctor determined that when it was time for the baby to be born, it should be via C-section. A few days after her last hospital stay, her water broke and she returned to the hospital, asking to have a C-section soon after arriving. She says her request was not honored by the attending staff.

Several hours later — after the baby presented signs of distress — the C-section was performed. Her son was born with cerebral palsy and other complications. She filed a civil suit against the hospital and attending physician, claiming that their failure to act more quickly, inform her of her options and perform the C-section when she requested all caused her son’s current condition. The jury agreed with her and awarded her damages of over $14 million.

Hopefully, no family will ever have to experience the pain that can accompany the negligence of a medical professional. If a Connecticut family finds themselves in a similar situation to this mother, they may decide to file a civil suit as well. Any financial restitution from the successful litigation of such a claim could be used to pay for the life-long care that a special-needs child would need after suffering birth-related complications. This can help ensure they receive the best care possible.

Source: cleveland.com, “Garfield Heights boy and mother awarded $14.5 million in malpractice case“, Karen Farkas, June 13, 2014

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