Lawsuit Alleges Negligence Caused Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Mammograms can play a significant role in the early detection of breast cancer. However, this role can be greatly hampered when medical care providers fail to properly interpret the results of mammograms or fail to properly respond to abnormal mammogram results. Such negligence can sometimes result in a breast cancer diagnosis being delayed.

Recently, a case involving allegations of mammogram-related negligence has come up in another state, West Virginia.

The case involves a woman who, in February 2010, had a mammogram performed on her. The woman alleges that a doctor, a nurse practitioner and a medical company failed to respond properly to abnormal results that came from the mammogram. Specifically, she claims that the abnormal results were not followed up on in a timely manner.

According to the woman, this alleged negligence resulted in a delay occurring in her receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. She claims that this delay caused her harm.

The woman says that she underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatments and two mastectomies in connection to her breast cancer.

In relation to the alleged diagnosis-related negligence, a medical malpractice lawsuit has been brought against the above-mentioned doctor, nurse practitioner and medical company by the woman.

One hopes that all medical care providers here in Connecticut take care to avoid engaging in negligence, such as mammogram-related negligence, which could result in a delay occurring in breast cancer being diagnosed. Having to undergo harsher treatments and having their survival chances go down are among the harms a patient can suffer when a breast cancer diagnosis is delayed.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help individuals who have experienced a delayed diagnosis when it comes to cancer, such as breast cancer, determine whether negligence contributed to the delay, what the likelihood is that the delay had harmful results and whether a medical malpractice lawsuit is an option that is available to them.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman says delay in breast cancer diagnosis caused injury,” Kathryn Swartz, Dec. 12, 2013

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