Left-behind Object Lawsuit Brought Against Doctor

One thing that no person here in Connecticut should have to experience is having something inside of their body that isn’t supposed to be there. Unfortunately, this is one of the things that individuals can be subjected to when medical professionals act negligently in relation to a surgery. Surgical negligence sometimes results in surgical objects being left inside of patients. In addition to the significant psychological distress having a surgical object left inside of one’s body can cause a person, left-behind surgical objects can also lead to an individual suffering physical harm, such as great pain.

Recently, a medical malpractice case involving an alleged left-behind object has come up in another state, West Virginia.

According to a man, in August 2011, a doctor performed a surgical procedure on him. The procedure is called a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

The man has accused the doctor of surgical negligence. According to the man, during the surgery, part of a surgical bag stayed inside of his body after having become torn off from the rest of the bag. The man claims that the doctor looked for the torn-off part of the bag for a time, but wasn’t able to find it and ultimately left it behind inside of him.

According to the man, he suffered pain as result of this left-behind object and ultimately underwent a second surgery to have the object taken out of him.

The man is suing the doctor and asking for damages in relation to the alleged surgical negligence.

As the allegations in this case underscore, left-behind objects can be very harmful to patients. Thus, one hopes that all doctors take all proper steps to prevent foreign objects from being left behind inside of patients.

If a person has had a surgical object left inside of them, they should consider speaking with a medical malpractice attorney about what options they have.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Lawsuit alleges foreign object left in plaintiff during surgery,” Thomas Kallies, Oct. 11, 2013

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